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At Emergency Dental Care Tx, we really understand your dental needs! We are both an Emergency and Family dental office and we care for your family like our own. Our dentist, Dr. Nguyen, had this office built with spacious operatories so every procedure whether it's a dental emergency, children’s checkups or smile makeovers could be provided with comfort and safety of our patients and their children. If you or your loved one has a dental crisis or routine dental needs, please call or text us at 210-600-3850.

We look forward to correcting your urgent dental issues as well as providing comprehensive dental services such as:

Dental Emergency 

Dental checkups, cleanings and exams

Cracked teeth repaired with crowns

Replacement options: implants, crowns, bridges

Cosmetic dentistry: veneers & whitening

Wisdom teeth extractions

Root canals

Children's Dentistry

Digital X-rays

Braces, Dentures, Nightguards

We understand your concerns of receiving dental care during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please rest assured that we go above and beyond the standards that we have always followed  to make sure all recommended safety measures and precautions are seriously taken to keep you and your loved ones safe. Our goal is to provide the highest standard of dental care available even during the pandemic in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. Please keep in mind, oral health has a direct effect on your immune system, so this is something that you want to particularly take care of in times like this. Ultimately our hope is to inspire everyone enjoy going to the dentist.


Covid-19 information
View our Covid-19 safe measures and
precautions we take to keep you safe here.

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