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Covid-19 information
For more than two decades, dental practices have been required to practice cleaning and sterilization standards that are far above those required of just about every other type of healthcare provider. Between sterilizing instruments after each use, wiping down rooms between patients, plastic shields on surfaces, and other precautions, a dental practice may be one the safest places that you could be in a situation like this.  

Our COVID-19 Safety Precautions
Considering recent events, we are going above and beyond the standards that we have always followed, to create an even safer environment for you in our practice.  We have installed window glass barriers in the front office to ensure your safety when checking in and out for your appointment. Each of our treatment room is enclosed with a door to cut down on spreading the aerosols during procedures. We perform daily temperature checks on staff and fill our COVID-19 screening questions for symptoms prior to the start of each day.  We contact our patients before their appointment to ask health-related screening questions to make sure that they are in good health prior to their office visit.  By doing this, we will be able to limit potential exposure in our office.  

Our patient appointments are being managed in a way that allows for proper distancing between patient arrival times. We installed COVID-19 precautions signs on the entrance doors and routinely wiped down door handles throughout the day. We have hand sanitizers in the reception room and throughout the office for your to use, as needed.  We have placed the chairs in our reception area six feet apart to maintain for social distancing if you must wait a few minutes to be seated with the doctor. For the time being, we have removed magazines, children's toys and other items from our reception area which are difficult to clean and disinfect.  Our reception area is being cleaned during the day to ensure that it is ready for the next patient who arrives.  We have also invested in additional safety equipment for the practice; things like face shields, masks, hair covers, gowns, and other equipment.  This is all part of our effort to provide you with a healthy visit to our office. 

Please keep in mind, dental health has  a direct effect on your immune system, so this is something that you want to particularly take care of in times like this.

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