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At Emergency Dental Care TX, we want our patients to have comfortable and convenient experience, whether your situation is routine or of a more urgent nature. If you experience a dental problem that causes you undue stress or discomfort, we urge you to call or text us as soon as you can, and we will set up an appointment to correct the problem as quickly as possible.  Painful dental emergencies can happen at any time, disrupting your plans and ruining your day. If you have a dental crisis, call or text us at 210-600-3850 to make an appointment with our doctor. We look forward to correcting the situation so you can get back with your life as soon as possible 



Unlike the rest of our bodies, our teeth do not heal themselves. When we break a bone or pull a muscle we experience discomfort. We know that time and rest will heal most minor maladies. Teeth unfortunately cannot fix themselves, so it's critical to remember that any dental pain indicates you will need to see a dentist to correct the problem, sooner or later.


A toothache is usually a sign that your tooth has become infected, from either decay or other damage, such as a cracked or broken tooth. The pain may come and go, or it may be constant. In many cases, we will treat a toothache with a next- available appointment (usually same day or within a few days). We will take x-rays, run tests and examine your mouth to determine the nature and extent of the damage. In most cases, a restoration, such as a filling or root canal or extraction or a crown will correct the problem and alleviate your discomfort.


If your toothache is severe, however, we can set up an emergency appointment to treat you more quickly and alleviate your pain. The best way to determine whether your toothache is “severe” is to look at the way it has affected you in the past 24 hours. Has the toothache interfered with your ability to sleep at night? How has it changed your eating habits? Can you attend to your duties at work and care for your family? If your pain disrupts your everyday routines, we consider this an emergency and will treat you as quickly as we can.

A Knocked Out Tooth

If you have had a tooth come out, due to an accident or facial trauma, call us immediately and we will see you as soon as possible. Put the tooth in a small cup of milk (or saliva and do not clean it) or the hole in your gums. It is sometimes possible to re-place a lost tooth in an empty socket, where it may set and heal by itself. In most cases, however, a lost tooth requires a replacement, such as a dental implant or dental bridge.


If you experience bleeding, bite down on a clean wet cloth or a sterile gauze pad to stop the bleeding. You can also apply an ice pack to your cheek to reduce pain or swelling.

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